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Authentic:  Dr. John Hammond Moore

CELEBRATING DR. JOHN HAMMOND MOORE as an esteemed historian manages only to skim the surface of a life bursting at the seams with accomplishments. A distinguished journalist, veteran of the United States Navy, and renowned academic, this nonagenarian has dedicated his working life to studying and participating in history—exploring destinations as far and exotic as Australia and as close to home as USC’s Thomas Cooper Library.

Dr. Moore first came to South Carolina in 1944 at age 19 when he trained in Charleston on a new Landing Ship Medium. A deployment in the South Pacific and three academic degrees later, he returned to SC as a faculty member of Winthrop College in the 1960s. While there, he published Research Materials in South Carolina, a first-of-its-kind compilation of research treasures found in historical repositories statewide.

In the years following, Dr. Moore found himself zipping across the world to Australia, where he accepted a teaching and research position. After returning to the US, he settled in Washington, DC as an editor for McGraw-Hill, until he relocated to Columbia in 1985 as a research associate for the Thomas Cooper Library. Dr. Moore immediately got to work on two new projects: The South Carolina Highway Department, 1917 – 1987 and South Carolina Newspapers, published a year later.

Dr. Moore is perhaps best known locally for his work Columbia and Richland County: A South Carolina Community, 1740 – 1990, published by USC Press. This historical guide to the Midlands undertakes the full scope of this region for the past two centuries in impressive detail.

With a stunning reservoir of 25 books and numerous published articles, Dr. John Hammond Moore has long been known for his unmatched passion for history. His lifetime of works continue to serve as his honored legacy— a legacy that will remain for generations to come.

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