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Authentic: Drake’s Duck-In

A COLUMBIA CLASSIC SINCE 1907, Drake’s Duck-In has been serving up fried chicken, cheeseburgers, and breakfast biscuits for over 100 years. Originally located on Millwood Avenue delivering meals to hungry mill workers, the restaurant has been at its current Main Street location for the past  twenty years.

Upon his retirement, former owner Steve Rowland—who acquired the business in the early 1970s from the original Drake family—sold the business and the building to Daniel Boan and Matthew Bridges. These Columbia cousins, recognizing the significant history behind their new venture, are honoring the past by keeping the classic menu as it’s always been.

The heartbeat of Drake’s, manager Edwina Harmon (also known as Tiny), has been at the restaurant for over 20 years. She remains at the helm, keeping things running smoothly and ensuring the food is just as long-time regulars remember it—including that famous hand-battered fried chicken sandwich.

Recognizing that Drake’s is an experience that can’t be replicated, new owners Daniel and Matthew have primarily focused on freshening up the brand. With the help of local design studio ByFarr, Drake’s has acquired a new logo that marries the history of  the company with a modern vibe.

Keeping longstanding and loyal customers happy while inviting a new wave of Columbians to discover one of our city’s best loved institutions means Drake’s Duck-In will be around  to enjoy for another 100 years.

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