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Posted July 06, 2017 by Becca Hill in Au Courant Columbia

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There's a new yoga and wellness studio in town, and it is proving to be a welcome addition to the already vibrant and thriving yoga community in Columbia.  Established yogi, Anne Miller is the Rooted in Wellbeing studio owner, and she has guided me through 7 years of yoga practice and she also lends her expertise to providing "yoga for all" by leading practice for students with autism at CampMates during the summer as well as students in my moderately intellectually disabled class at Dreher High School during the school year.

I recently asked Anne some questions about her yoga journey and about the new studio:

How did you begin your journey with yoga?

Anne: I think I have always been a yogi it just took a process to get to where I am now.  I was a dance major at Columbia College and took anatomy and physiology classes as part of my course requirements, and I fell in love with the human body.  As the daughter of a Lutheran pastor, spirituality has always been a part of my life.  After college I started teaching group fitness, then corporate fitness; I became a personal traininer and even had my own small personal training business.  I took a weekend yoga workshop 16 years ago through the hospital to satisfy my continuing education credits and I fell in love.  At first yoga was mostly a physical practice for me, but over time it has become a way of life and truly aided in making me an authentic and grounded person.  

Tell us about your new yoga & wellness studio.

Anne: My new studio is Rooted in Wellbeing. I chose this name because I believe yoga is about inspiring strong, healthy roots to nourish and ground the whole of each person's personal wellbeing.  I believe yoga is for anyone and everyone, at anytime, anywhere in their life.  My mission statement is ~ A yoga and wellness studio ~ Rooted is an engaging and inclusive space where you can explore, embrace, and express your authentic energy while nurturing your individual wellbeing. 

I adore my space.  The energy of the studio itself is absolutely wonderful and I believe I have created a welcoming and comfortable space.  My studio is small and intimate so that everyone feels apart of a community and can experience all-inclusive teaching. {author's note: Rooted is my favorite space to practice yoga in Columbia- the light in the studio is amazing; it's truly a downtown studio in a comforting and comfortable space!}

How can someone who is interested find out more about Rooted and the classes you offer?

Anne: Rooted is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and the website is  The schedule and class rates can be found all of these places. 

Tell us a little about your work with populations with autism and other disabilities.

Anne: Through a grant from Lululemon I have been teaching yoga at the Autism Academy of SC, and this summer at Camp M.A.T.E.S.  The grant provided funding me to receive special training for teaching yoga to people with Autism.  This opportunity is very special to me because I believe yoga is transformative for everyone and these children are loving their yoga practices.  This teaching is also in line with my mission statement.   

What are some of the new, exciting things happening at Rooted this summer?

Anne: This month at Rooted I added a free meditation class on Sunday evenings, and over time I will add more meditation classes.  Coming soon will be chair yoga and yoga for seniors.  The third Sunday of each month is Poems: Bones of the Spirit.  I believe poetry is another way of supporting ones wellbeing.   This fall Rooted will be hosting a fundraiser and fashion show with Naida Rutherford of Styled By Naida.  I want Rooted to become know for its superb yoga, community engagement, and unique activities supporting the wholeness of ones wellbeing. 

Thanks to Anne for sharingt this uniquely beautiful new yoga and wellness studio! Hope to see you on your mat at Rooted in Wellbeing!

Becca Hill - Au Courant Columbia

Becca Smith Hill is mom to two awesome babies, Jones and Birdie, a social worker by day, a professor by night, and wife to Super-Dad who helps keep all the plates spinning. After a stint away earning a degree in Lexington, VA and “discovering herself” in San Francisco, she returned to her hometown to find a more vibrant Columbia than she could have ever imagined.  Becca loves to eat & drink, play with her babies, appreciate art, host parties, and, (much to the chagrin of aforementioned Super-Dad), adopt stray animals.  She also blogs at and  You can find her on Twitter at @beccabsh and @StLawrencePlace, and on Instagram at @beccabsh.


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