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Unfussy Drinks for Happy Hour

Posted March 23, 2017 by Bethany Tisdale in Beeline

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I love a fancy, complicated cocktail, but I often crave something more familiar: a margarita to accompany some tacos, for example, or a beer or glass of wine to wash down some good conversation. If you’re interested in getting comfy and social with a beverage, read on.

It seems like everyone in Columbia has already tried Moctezuma’s on Beltline. If you haven’t been yet, someone you know HAS been, and they want to bring you. This tiny spot is often packed and noisy, and parking can be a bear, but it is so worth it. The tacos al pastor are delicious, the tortas are generously stuffed, and the margaritas are…well, take a look:

As my dear friend demonstrates, the difference between the small and the large margarita is substantial. The small (pictured left) is $5. The large, shown here in a freaking CARAFE, is $10. I am typically very frugal and enjoy shopping in bulk, so I think you can guess which one of the two margs is mine.

I will note that on a second occasion, my large margarita (this time ordered with the intent to share) arrived in an oversized margarita glass and not a water carafe. Though I missed the visual gag, the glass appeared to hold the same amount of margarita with the benefit of not having to fish out a sinking straw.

Another new favorite beverage of mine is a Bold Rock cider. I was able to try three styles at a recent Tap Takeover at The British Bulldog Pub off Bower Parkway. Bold Rock is based out of Virginia, but the ciders I tasted hailed from the Bold Rock cidery located in Mills River, North Carolina, and were made from Blue Ridge apple varieties. The pub had a regular hard apple cider, a cider with citrus, and a dry-hopped “IPA” (“India Pressed Apple.” Cute.). All three were refreshing and easy-to-drink, but I favored the so-called IPA. It lacked the tartness of the other two, and it balanced the sweetness of the apple with the mellow, earthy undertones of the hops nicely.

No idea how long The British Bulldog will have Bold Rock on tap, so get over there soon to try it out. Check out your grocery story, too—I found some at Piggly-Wiggly this weekend! And if you ever happen to see me at Britsh Bulldog for Wednesday night trivia, come say hi! Just not while a question's being read... wink

Bethany Tisdale - Beeline

Bethany Dailey Tisdale moved to Columbia for graduate school in 2007 and immediately decided to hate Clemson and love pimento cheese.  She loves eating, drinking, and cavorting around Columbia, so expect some of that.  You can follow her on instagram @bethanytisdale, but it's just pictures of food and her baby, and unless you're her parents it probably won't interest you.


Unfussy Drinks for Happy Hour

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