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Columbia’s Very Own Food Truck Restaurant

Posted March 28, 2017 by Anna Garrison Nemeth in Talk of the Town

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Food trucks are everywhere these days, with many of these showcasing their talents at the Soda City Market on Saturdays. But did you know that Columbia has its very own food truck restaurant? That’s right: 1616 Gervais Bistro is the one and only food truck restaurant in the city. What exactly is a food truck restaurant? The kitchen at 1616 Gervais Bistro is located in an immobile food truck which sits just off the covered patio at the rear of the restaurant. And, boy, does Chef Nick Maracich turn out some delicious dishes from his unique kitchen…truffle fries (my favorite), fried chicken po’ boys, and the 1616 burger, just to name a few.

1616 Gervais Bistro is located in the building previously occupied by Back Porch Bar and Doc’s Gumbo Grill. In fact, the Back Porch sign still hangs out front. Owner Susan Morningstar was looking for a new direction in life after spending 20 years in radio. As a self-proclaimed foodie and with the encouragement of family and friends, she took a leap of faith and purchased the space…food truck and all. Now don’t be fooled by the word “bistro” in the name. There’s no French food on the menu. Susan recalled living in Europe as a child and seeing people sitting outside at restaurants and enjoying a meal with friends or family. That’s what she wanted to bring to her restaurant…a comfy, cozy place for people to sit, eat, and enjoy, indoors and out.

Morningstar describes the cuisine at her restaurant as “Southern comfort food." She is currently working on expanding the menu to include classic dishes with a Southern flair such as Low Country Marsh (a twist on the ever popular shrimp ‘n grits), Soda City Potato Pie (think southern-style Shepherd’s Pie), and Pee Dee Dumplings (pimento cheese is involved…need I say more?). And 1616 Gervais Bistro is just not about the food. Open Mic Night happens every Monday and there are plans for wine pairings, theme nights, and even community outreach events geared towards female entrepreneurs.

Situated between the Vista/Main Street District and Five Points, 1616 Gervais Bistro is one restaurant not to overlook.

Anna Garrison Nemeth - Talk of the Town

Anna Garrison Nemeth is a stay-at-home mom and freelance photographer and writer from Columbia, SC. Anna brings her experiences as a cancer survivor and world traveler to life through her photographs and writings. She believes that everything has a story just waiting to be told, and she is ready to bring that story to life. Anna can often be seen driving around Columbia, singing her heart out, as she heads off with her camera, ready to capture whatever catches her eye. And, if you look closely, you’ll see that she’s already working on the story to go along with it.


Columbia’s Very Own Food Truck Restaurant

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