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Eggceptionally Talented

Posted April 19, 2017 by Anna Garrison Nemeth in Talk of the Town

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What started out as an interest in raising chickens for fresh eggs has eggsploded into a eggciting business for Brennen Baker. Six chickens...that’s all she wanted and it took some convincing to get her husband, Jeff, to finally agree. Well, that small flock of 6 chickens has grown to 42 chickens and roosters. That’s a lot of eggs! And what does Brennen do with all those eggs? She paints them!

Brennen’s mother had requested a hand painted ornament. As she was drawing out the design, she had the idea to create an ornament from a hollowed-out egg. What an eggcellent idea! And what an eggciting addition to their current craft business, Fairly Odd Art. Brennen and Jeff craft cute and funky fairy doors from reclaimed wood. Adding hand painted egg ornaments was a natural fit. And the use of reclaimed materials continues in the form of stands for the ornaments to hang from or sit on, as well as display racks, all made by Jeff.

The variation in the color of the eggs laid by the Baker chickens creates a unique canvas on which Brennen paints her intricate designs. But before the eggs can be painted, they must be prepped. That entails blowing the eggs (the insides are saved for use later in cooking and baking) and sterilizing them. Now it’s time to paint. Designs range from military logos to Palmetto trees to ballerinas to birds to sea life name it, Brennen can paint. She is eggceptionally talented, often creating her own stencils. These eggs have been a huge hit with everyone who sees them. In fact, a SC National Guard egg ornament was sent to Washington, D.C., and hung on the National Guard Christmas Tree at the White House. 

Brennen has been busy in her studio in preparation for craft show season, the walls of her space stacked with boxes of eggs...painted and unpainted. So, be on the lookout when you’re out and about at local craft shows for Fairly Odd Art. You can’t miss them...Jeff will be the tall guy standing out front clicking eggs together.

Anna Garrison Nemeth - Talk of the Town

Anna Garrison Nemeth is a stay-at-home mom and freelance photographer and writer from Columbia, SC. Anna brings her experiences as a cancer survivor and world traveler to life through her photographs and writings. She believes that everything has a story just waiting to be told, and she is ready to bring that story to life. Anna can often be seen driving around Columbia, singing her heart out, as she heads off with her camera, ready to capture whatever catches her eye. And, if you look closely, you’ll see that she’s already working on the story to go along with it.


Eggceptionally Talented

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