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Columbia is making history

THIS CITY IS IN THE MIDST OF A GOLDEN AGE OF REVITALIZATION. All over town, active construction areas and hardhat zones are pointing toward an exciting era of rebirth. Even more thrilling is that so much of this growth is happening on the foundations of the past.

Rather than knocking down the old and starting over with the new, Columbia’s entrepreneurs and visionaries are finding  fresh uses for buildings from days gone by —preserving not just the spaces but also  the stories behind them.

History is a foundational pillar of Fig. For this issue, we partnered with our friends at Historic Columbia who helped us step back in time. With the guidance of John M. Sherrer III, Historic Columbia’s Director of Cultural Resources, we carefully made our way into spaces like the abandoned second floor of the Seegers-Habenicht Building on Main Street. There we found a veritable time capsule of rooms closed off for more than 70 years, discovering a mishmash of antique furnishings, vintage boxing gloves and tennis rackets, as well as piles of red, white, and blue patriotic bunting from the 4th of July.

As you thumb through this issue, be on the lookout for glimpses of history in the making. You’ll find not only a careful and thoughtful review by Historic Columbia’s John Sherrer of our city’s revitalization efforts on pages 33 37, but you’ll also spot informative historical captions scattered throughout. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make history with this issue and who is  helping to write the next chapters in our city’s story.


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