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Fresh Face: Palmetto State of Mind

THE OWNER AND OPERATOR of the popular Carolina Soap Works, Kayla Sansom is branching out with her newest family-owned venture: Palmetto State of Mind coffee roasters.

In her own words:
“Our family has been roasting for over five years and started selling coffee to the public under the name Palmetto State of Mind the first weekend of  April this year at Soda City.”

“We wanted to roast our coffee so we could control the freshness, roast to our exact taste, and experiment with blending different coffee beans from all over the world.”

“Our beans are purchased directly from small farms in Ethiopia to ensure the farmer is paid a fair price,” explains Kayla. “Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee and has always been our personal favorite. Coffee from this area has a rich and creamy dark chocolate aroma.”

“When working with beans from a new origin, we roast several batches at different levels to determine the best tasting roast. For example: we roasted our Ethiopian Limu coffee beans at a light, medium, medium-dark, and dark roast. Then we had friends and family over to try then all. The winner was medium-dark.”

“Customers at Soda City are always complimenting the taste, saying the coffee is so rich that they don’t need to add much cream, if any at all.”

To discover Palmetto State of Mind, visit Main Street’s Soda City Market every Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm.

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