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Giving Back:  Cheryl Holland and Doug Quackenbush

MOTIVATED BY VISIONS of an ever-thriving Columbia, capital  city couple Cheryl Holland and Doug Quackenbush have a well-earned reputation as a duo dedicated to the betterment of their community. In addition to their flourishing professional careers, Cheryl and Doug are both committed philanthropists, steadfast in their mission of giving back to the city of Columbia.

Even with their full schedules as owners of Abacus Planning Group and Quackenbush Architects and Planners, Cheryl and Doug make it a priority in their marriage to add meaningful philanthropic work to their busy calendars. Growing up with an abundance of generous role models  as children—from Scout leaders to Sunday-school teachers—the couple sees their own giving-back projects  as a way to come full circle.

Cheryl and Doug are passionate about the arts, as well as several social justice issues, such as combatting homelessness, aiding those with mental illnesses, and protecting children in the community.  As devotees of their faith, Cheryl and Doug are also active members of Shandon Presbyterian, recently serving as chairs of the church’s Centennial Capital Campaign. Finally, as involved parents and strong proponents of quality education, the couple has sponsored numerous fundraisers at their daughter’s school, Rosewood Elementary, and funded a $100,000 financial planning scholarship at Clemson University—Doug’s alma mater.

By making it a priority to find time amidst the demands of life to serve their community, this couple is helping to foster a vibrant and thriving place that benefits us all.

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