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Hit PAUSE During the Holidays

SLOWING DOWN AND SAVORING THE MOMENT IS KEY TO DISCOVERING JOY IN THE MIDST OF HOLIDAY MADNESS. So often, the exquisite is right before our eyes if only we adjust our vision to see it. By recapturing a sense of wonder and indulging in the details, the splendor of the season suddenly comes into greater focus.

As we celebrate the magic of the holidays, we’re giving meaningfully this year to the ones we love. We’re giving gifts and giving back, finding ways to enrich and enhance the community with both our presents and our presence.

Explore the pages of our holiday issue and find not only ideas on how to shop thoughtfully and locally for family and friends, but also inspiration on how to give back now and all year round. In partnership with the Central Carolina Community Foundation, we’ve identified some creative ways that individuals and families can make this season even more beautiful for those in need.

Our wish this holiday is that you fully experience the joy and  peace of the season. As you create lifelong memories during this happy but busy time of year, be sure to slow down and enjoy the wonder of the details—whether it’s a perfectly tied ribbon, a dusting of sugar on a freshly baked cookie, or the smile of a loved one opening your thoughtful gift.

As Fig celebrates its third year of loving local, we wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.

Caroline Black & Janet Scouten

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