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“…You know how when you go to a great hotel in a big city, there’s a beautiful magazine on your bedside table about the cool stuff around town? Which ‘ends up’ in your suitcase somehow? Now Columbia has one of our very own! Sign up to get free copies of this quarterly jewel sent to your home forever, an save ‘em for your guests when your place is their hotel--it’ll make you proud of our town just looking at all these gorgeous photos. These pages are proof that Columbia is the most underrated town in the South--but not for long, thanks to Fig.”– Emile D., Soda City
"We were so excited when our copy arrived in our mailbox yesterday! We were so impressed with how well done it was - great photography, such nice paper quality. What a great way to showcase our local businesses." – Susann A.
"Love the magazine! Opened my mailbox yesterday, saw it and said 'OH! YAY!' loud enough that my neighbor might think I have some issues." – Rachel O.
"Love, love, love Fig! Welcome to Colatown!" – Lynne E.

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