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Giving Back: The Charitable Plate

A FUND TO SUPPORT ASPIRING CHEFS, farmers, and heritage food producers, The Charitable Plate is helping to ensure that Columbia has a thriving local food system for years to come.

With the goal of shepherding talent in the Midlands by providing scholarships to individuals pursuing careers in these fields, this newly formed non-profit is funded through a percentage of each ticket sold from Farm to Table events, as well as through online donations.

Vanessa Bialobreski, managing partner of Farm to Table Event and Catering Company, explains: “Founders Kristian Niemi, Eric McClam and I wanted to create a non-profit that aligned with what we feel passionate about on a day-to-day basis. We want to be able to give back to our local food community, including farmers, chefs, and food advocates.”

Supporting up-and-coming talent in the culinary world, grants are awarded to recipients with the goal of bettering the mission of “good food” in the Midlands. Applicants can receive monetary awards or products that further their mission through a simple application process based on the availability of funds.

The mission of The Charitable Plate is to help individuals, businesses, and farms grow. This goes hand-in-hand with Farm to Table’s mission to bring the community together through agri-tourism, local food, and local chefs in creative and unique ways.

Find out more @thecharitableplate on Facebook.

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