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TAKING INSPIRATION FROM  CELTIC HISTORY AND MYTH, SYR (pronounced “sire”) creates original songs with themes like battle, love, loss—and a large pint. The six-piece band consists of siblings Kyle MacCallum (vocals and guitar) and Laurel MacCallum (vocals and percussion), Timothy Strevens (lead guitar), Emily Bracey (fiddle), Kelly Huff (bass), and Luis Valverde (drums).

From their early beginnings as a cover band, SYR has evolved to find inspiration from Celtic and Irish drinking songs, Scottish folk numbers, and Gaelic ballads, blending them with their rock background.

“Tim, Kelly, Luis, and I played in metal and hardcore bands growing up, so you can hear a bit of that in what we play,” explains Kyle. “Emily brought a ton of the traditional style in as well. Some of our other influences include bands like Eluveitie and Faun, however we try not to sound like anyone in particular. Instead, we try to draw what we feel from Celtic myths and history.”

Increasingly popular on the Celtic circuit, SYR not only plays at events like the Highland Games in Myrtle Beach and Tartan Day South in Cayce, they also play locally at venues such as the British Bulldog Pub (pictured) or Delaney’s in  Five Points.

Learn more about SYR and listen online at

"SYR brings energy  and fun to every  performance. Their fusion of contemporary rock and celtic heritage is a prime example of the depth of talent  and breadth of local  music scene." Steve Varholy, President & General  Manager of WXRY. WXRY and Art Bar believe in the power of great, live, local music. To learn more, visit and

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